Once upon a time a baby who, in Milan, in the 60’s, he used to go to the photographer near there and made him expose the photographic paper with his photos.

He had no money to buy an enlarger, but he took that package light-proof and ran home where, in the red light of the light bulb, , he developed those little prints.

Neutol smell and fixing, he didn’t use tweezers, he liked to feel on the fingertips the light sliding perception of the development, the smell of the acetic acid of the fixing bath.

The frenzy of seeing made him pollute the baths and, sometimes, the prints were full of signs and stained with fixing.

Then, the baby grew up, when he was 14 years old he found a job as a gofer in a photography studio, and sometimes happened to him to do the photographer assistant:

flash…changing light bulb, “pay attention it burns!”

“pass me another chassis”,

he was successful to go through in the dark room, he piled the prints that come out from the shining dryer…

it is like living in a dream, it is his dream.

It only was a little summer job, then the high school, the college (italian university).

He found a job as a printer in a photography laboratory, he came in so, in the photography world from the back-door, as they “used” once.

Than, assistant in a photography studio, then he moved to Tuscany in the 1987, and there he getting started his own enterprise…

Here it is! His dream came true…but all dreams have a price…

But this is another story…

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Montepulciano - Siena


Nunzio Bellini Fotografo • nunziobellini@libero.it • Tel +39 0578 708548 • Cell +39 338 759 49 54

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